Bachelor (BA) in Culinary Arts

Although it is possible to obtain a Masters degree in some Culinary Arts Colleges, a Bachelor degree is usually the highest degree that students undertake. Culinary Arts Bachelors have a great amount of focus on food, and undergraduate students also specialize in their field of studies. Some programs do offer such specialization in multiple fields.

In the United States, the American Regional Cooking program teaches all the best dishes of America. Students will need to learn their culinary traditions and influences by other cultures, thus being able to use their knowledge to create the best plates possible.

The Current Cuisine area of expertise is for students to understand what tastes that are most in demand are. They will learn how to prepare dishes with very specific taste, and their palate’s senses will become acutely precise.

Culinary Arts Colleges form many Nutritionists and Dieticians, and Nutrition is a field of specialization taught for health. Indeed, creating a balance between healthy and tasty is an art in itself, and students specializing in nutrition are taught to do that balance in dishes they make and create.

Management in Culinary Arts, also called Restaurant Operations, teach the students about everything that is essential to make a restaurant work. These include knowing food and equipment costs,employee turnover and employee shrinkage. Business and marketing strategies are also taught to students.

Visual Language and Culture present cuisine in all its aspects from all different cultures. This is a very all-around program. Indeed, though not as focused as some other programs, students will learn the many types of tastes and aesthetics, from all five continents.

A Bachelor degree in Culinary Arts usually leads to a career as Chef, whichever type it is (see Culinary Arts Careers for more details). Such a level education allows for faster growth in the hierarchy of the kitchen, with stronger bases to start on.

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