Culinary Arts Careers – Private Assistant-Chef

While the Executive Chef or a Head Chef will lead the kitchen of a restaurant, he or she will need many assistants to run the place, which are often called Assistant-Chefs.There are many types of Assistants-Chefs.


The direct assistant of the Executive Chef or Head Chef is called a Sous-Chef, and in the kitchen itself, he or she can be called second in command. Indeed, Sous-Chef, usually have the same type of education and are the second in command of the kitchen, but have less working experience. Hence, they will take full responsibilities in the absence of the head chef, which includes management of the team of cooks, scheduling and the payroll. Although the salary of a Sous-Chef will average around 45 thousand dollars per year in the US (which can easily go up to 60 thousand dollars per year in the best restaurants) and 25 000 Euro in Europe , he or she can also be the successor to become the Head Chef Executive Chef, especially in cases of bigger restaurants. The reason the average salary of a Sous-Chef is higher than that of a Head Chef is that a Sous-Chef will usually work for bigger and better restaurants, and where Head Chefs and Executive Chefs have a higher salary than the average.

Expediter (Aboyeur)

In some cases (usually in bigger or more high end restaurants, as multiple operations may be required at the same time), an Expediter (Aboyeur) will work in the restaurant, relaying orders from the dining room from the stations to the kitchen. He or she may sometimes be assisted by his or her superiors, either the Sous-Chef or the Head or Executive Chef. The salary will average around 44 thousand dollars per year (about 25 000 Euro in Europe), which doesn’t go much higher than this as an Expediter is a job only in good restaurants.

Chef de Partie

A Chef de Partie is responsible for a single department of the kitchen of the restaurant, with several cooks as assistant. The formation needed from a Culinary Arts College is more specialized and often shorter. The salary widely varies from department to department and from restaurant to restaurant. The different Chef de Partie that can be present in a restaurant include the Sauté Chef (27 000$), the Fish Chef (36 000$), the Roast Chef (57 000$), the Grill Chef (43 000$), the Fry Chef (24 000$), the Vegetable Chef (27 000$), the Roundsman Chef (24 000$), the Pantry Chef (24 000$), the Butcher Chef (36 000$) and the Pastry Chef (42 000$). The Roast Chefs have a high average salary as they only work in top restaurants, while Grill Chefs and Pastry Chefs work in very good to top restaurants.


Directly under the Chef de Partie can be an apprentice in some restaurant, called a Commis. The apprentice is still in undergoing training and the salary only is around 11 thousand dollars per year as it is often a part time job. In Europe, Commis usually work full time and their average salary is around 18 000 Euro a year. The Commis will have to undergo the same Culinary Arts College or Culinary Arts School education as his or her mentor.

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