Culinary Arts Careers – Food Stylist and Food Photograph

What are Food Stylists and Food Photographs?

Among possible careers you may choose from a Culinary Arts College education is to become a Food Stylist and/or Food Photograph. A Food Stylist will do all he or she can to make the food look attractive in the finished photograph, while the Food Photograph will adjust whatever it takes to make his or her picture as good as possible. While true for any home cook or chef in the way they may present food, a stylist puts all his or her time and effort to carefully and artfully arrange the food, as taught in Culinary Arts Schools. In Culinary Arts Photography, you learn how to present a piece of rock as if it were precious gold! A Culinary Arts College will teach its students on the visual know how and the ability to translate the perception of taste, aroma and appeal that we may get from an actual dish, all in a two-dimensional photograph.

Culinary Arts Colleges Photography and Stylist concentrations

There are concentrations in Culinary Arts Colleges available for students wishing to become Food Stylist as well as courses given on Food Photography, although most people will be choosing a Culinary Arts concentration with multiple backgrounds. For example, a student wishing to become professional chef, a student in Culinary Arts economics or a student in Culinary Arts management may also take courses giving the necessary skills to become a Food Stylist or a Food Photograph. The student of the Culinary Arts School must acquire the nutrition knowledge, the cooking techniques and become resourceful shoppers.

Courses specific to Food Stylists offered in Culinary Arts Colleges are mainly about food photography and food styling techniques. Food Photographs often have the exact same courses offered to them. Food photography includes learning how to use lighting and color plays, and also the use of items and ingredients. Food styling techniques allow the student to make the food as attractive as possible, and these techniques include mixtures, coloring and steaming.

Expected income

Among other careers that graduating from Culinary Arts Colleges can lead to, a Food Stylist earns about the same as the average of other careers, and 56 000$ US per year in average and 40 000$ per year as median salary (income of the person who has exactly as many people with a higher salary than of lower salary than her or his) in the United States. A Food Photograph’s median income in the US is about 45 000$ US per year, and know that the revenue for a freelancer Food Photograph varies widely due to heavy expenses versus money gains from contracts, and can go from no profit at all to half a million dollars per year depending on her or his success in managing the business, and this goes as much in North America as the European Continent.

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Skills of Food Stylists and Food Photographs

A Food Stylist is a creative professional that, thanks to his or her knowledge acquired in a Culinary Arts College, is able to envision the finished photograph and the style of the food according to the needs of the clients. While often requiring the same skills and knowledge, a Food Photograph who finished training in his or her Culinary Arts School will be able to make a piece of rock look as attractive as a diamond!

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