The Advantage Of Getting Your ProChef Certification

Where to Get a ProChef Certification

There are quite a few culinary arts colleges in the United States that offer the ProChef Certification programs (level 1, 2 and 3) for students who want to become chef. While the program is quite challenging and requires examinations, a student who completes a ProChef Certification in any culinary arts colleges acquires the skills needed to work in the field. The industry will often take into account diploma from a  reputable culinary arts college, which gives the applicant an advantage over other candidates.

The ProChef Certification Program

Like many other culinary arts colleges programs, ProChef Certification programs combine theory and practical training. The books and hands-on training you will have will give you what you need to become a professional chef, or will allow you to pursue your studies either to higher certification programs, either with ProChef Certification or any other offered by culinary arts colleges.

ProChef Certification- CIA and ACF

Note that the Culinary Institute of America and the American Culinary Federation (CIA and ACF respectively), two of the biggest chefs organization in the United States, are both the creators of the ProChef Certification program offered by the culinary arts colleges. This means the program gives certification from both organizations, whichever culinary arts college you choose to attend to obtain the diploma.

This CIA and ACF certification has three (3) levels that students can take, and most culinary arts colleges with the ProChef Certification program offer all three. They are from level I to III in their respective order, the Culinarian Certification, the Chef de Cuisine Certification and finally the Executive Chef Certification.

For the student of any culinary arts colleges having finished level 1, becoming a certified culinarian, fundamentals of culinary techniques have already become her or his second nature. Basic all-around cooking skills are taught, as well as the basic organization skills require to maximize the efficiency of production and the good application of instructions. The first level of the financial aspect is taught in all culinary arts colleges giving this certification, to calculate food and kitchen equipment as well as kitchen and food ordering calculations.

Culinary arts colleges offering the second level of the ProChef Certification program will make the Culinarian go to the next level to become a certified Chef de Cuisine. School classes from this culinary arts colleges program give as extra the basic management and supervisory skills to become a leader in the kitchen. Also, science classes are given to better understand food science, such as baking and nutrition. Financial controls and food operation, such as limiting food waste are also taught throughout this culinary arts colleges program.

The final level of the ProChef Certification offered by culinary arts colleges transforms the Chef de Cuisine into a Certified Executive Chef. At this stage, the culinary arts colleges’ students already have good knowledge of the culinary arts domain, and level III basically completes the formation of a Chef and what can be taught off the field. You will gain extra culinary skills along with better management and financial planning skills, and you will have the necessary background to be able to successfully run your own restaurant after completing this culinary arts colleges’ certification program. At his point, after finishing the ProChef level III certification from any culinary arts colleges, you have enough knowledge to be a nutritionist, a financial planner, a head chef or a manager, in any order and any combination possible.

Schools who offer the ProChef program have produced many famous chefs in the world. This culinary school program gives their graduates excellent prospects in the job market, and will help build up their career to a successful level.



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