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Dietician and Nutritionist career description

Culinary Arts Colleges have programs that can lead to jobs such as Dietician and Nutritionist. A Dietician and a Nutritionist plans food and nutrition programs for their clients, sometimes also supervising the preparation and serving of the meals. Dieticians and Nutritionists work in different institutions, such as hospitals and schools that have a food serving system. Their job is to plan nutritious and healthy meals, helping instate healthy eating habits to their clients. This will help to promote the prevention of eating disorders, such as obesity and anorexia.

Dieticians and Nutritionists will also be conducting research as they are food specialists and scientists, which is why clinical research is a major area of practice, where they will work in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and physician’s offices. A Dietician and Nutritionist can also work as a consultant, working by contracts, for different institutions. Community and management are the two other major areas of practice where they can help improve the diet of their clients.

In the United States, most States require a license to practice as a Dietician and Nutritionist, a dozen require certification and there is even one requiring registration. This means you may need one or more extra certifications (usually and exam) after you graduate from a Culinary Arts College.

In Europe, the European Community wishes to allow Dieticians and Nutritionists to practice in every country members of the organization. Those specialists can already often practice in other countries of Europe although they have to go through a certain process.

Work as a Dietician and Nutritionist

For a Dietician and Nutritionist, working for an institution does not mean they cannot occupy more important functions. Indeed, with experience, they can become for example assistant director, associate director or main director of a dietetic department. Consultants are self-employed and their salary will depend on their reputation in the field. For a slight change of career, a Dietician and Nutritionist can also become sales representatives in the field of food and nutrition. They will then represent companies to sell equipment, pharmaceutical products or be representatives of food manufacturers. Note the Nutritionist and Dietician professions are growing, especially with the aging of the population and the increase of popularity of healthy lifestyles related fields.

If you decide to work and a Dietician and Nutritionist, consider it as a well paid Culinary Arts Career. Indeed, you can expect to earn around 47 thousand dollars per year in the US. In care centers, you may even earn a bit more, around 50 thousand, although working for the local government may make you earn slightly less, around 43 thousand. For the other important areas of work for Nutritionists and Dieticians, the average remains around 47 thousand dollars per year. In Europe, you can expect to earn around 30 000 Euro a year as a Nutritionist and Dietician.

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