Culinary Arts Careers – Private Executive Chef and Head Chef

The Executive Chef is in charge of everything related to the kitchen. This includes the menu, management of the team of cooks, scheduling and the payroll, ordering and plating design. The Executive Chef may be the owner of the place or of many places, but if not the case, he or she can be called a Head Chef, which will carry the same duties but will have someone in charge of them, which can be an Executive Chef or another administrator.

In the US, the salary of a Head Chef averages around 37 thousand dollars, and can go up to 60 thousand for top restaurants. For an Executive Chef, the salary will depend on several factors: whether he or she is the owner, which makes the salary depend on the success of the restaurant, or working for a company, which depends on the employer. The salary of an Executive Chef will average around 75 thousand dollars, and can go up to 120 thousand. It is to be noted that both career require the same formation from a Culinary Arts College or Culinary Arts School.

In Europe, a Head Chef can expect to earn around 20 000 Euro a year, which is a bit less than in the United States. An Executive Chef about 50 000 Euro a year, which is more or less the same as in America.

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