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Pastry Chef Job Description

Culinary Schools now have majors available to become a Pastry Chef, also called Pâtissier. They work at professional kitchens as station chef, and specialize in making pastries, desserts, breads and other baked goods. Culinary Arts Schools students that choose this concentration can expect to work in hotels, bistros, restaurants and bakeries. And after gaining some experience, many will own their own bakeries, and have their own creations.

As the station chef (Chef de Partie) of the pastry department, the Pastry Chef is a member of what is called a brigade de cuisine in a professional kitchen (also see Private Assistant Chef ). Note that Bakers, usually formed in those institutes, may also be part of the pastry department in large establishments and in pastries.

A Pastry Chef has to research new recipes, using various techniques that are taught in school. Preparation of various desserts and other bakeries are usually done in advance, before dineer seating, with the plating done by another station Chef (usually the Garde manger). Pastry Chefs will also design the dessert menu, usually including desserts wines, dessert beverages and cheese platters.

Skills and Knowledge

Programs leading to a Pastry Chef Culinary Arts Career will form their students in order to make them able to oversee kitchen staff, order necessary supplies, produce all kinds of baked goods, decorate and do plating for pastries and desserts as well as keep the kitchen organized at all time.

The French Culinary Institute of New York is a good example of a Culinary Arts College that offers such program. Pastry Chef Programs in Culinary Arts Colleges include the inducing important skills that they will need in their Culinary Arts Career.

The first is the Culinary Arts Ability and Creativity, as the Pastry Chef needs to be able to pay attention to all kinds of details, know his or her ingredients and have a lot of patience. Their artistic sense and their creativity will be enhanced by their education, and they will also have to make sure everything they make will look just as good as they taste.

The best Pastry Chefs formed through those programs will pay attention to the smallest detail, since as many other fields of Culinary Arts, the smallest change will make a big difference in the final result. They must avoid falling in the trap of not paying attention to what they are doing when performing routine tasks.

Already a bakery owner? Then enroll yourself in a Restaurant Management and Customer Service. These are great skills to have as it is important to know how to manage your bakery’s finances and to know how to deal with your customers.

To work as a Pastry Chef requires a lot of stamina, as while very satisfying, is often a very exhausting job. You will often stay for a long period up on your feet, and wake up very early in the morning to prepare your morning pastries, often having to start at 3 or 4 AM. Some lifting may also be involved and good Culinary Arts Colleges education should prepare mentally and physically their students for that.


Pastry Chefs earn an average salary of 42 000$ US per year in the United States, and is one of the most well-paid Culinary Arts Careers. It is also a very satisfying job as it allows for a lot of creativity and imagination.

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