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It is important to show clear distinctions between a Personal Chef and a Private Chef. Both careers involves the same type of education, but a Personal Chef will work for multiple clients and different types of occasions while a Private Chef will be employed exclusively by one client. Personal Chef will prepare dishes for a client in the client’s kitchen, typically a private home or a private employer, and base them on the client’s needs and personal preferences. For dinner parties and special occasions, those meals will be prepared before each meal, for fresher food. Sometimes, the Personal Chef will be responsible for buying some or all of the following: ingredients for the meal, plates and utensils, serving the clients or guests and cleaning up after the meal.In other cases, the prepared plates will be sealed in containers and refrigerated and sometimes frozen. The client will simply warm it when required in order to be able to enjoy it.

The menu, daily, weekly or sometimes monthly, is often pre-planned and discussed with the client before being prepared in their home. Food will either be prepared in the home of the client or in a kitchen approved by the local official health inspection.

The client hiring a Personal Chef will submit a type of menu and budget range, and the Chef will in turn submit a menu and budget for approval, either for a packaged meal service or a dinner party. The cost can vary widely, but note that higher cost menus are more rarely asked by clients than low and medium cost menus. A deposit will often be done after approval by the guest, or in case of frequent clients, it may be noted in an expense account. Also, depending on the Chef, all the costs may be paid before or after the meal.

A Personal Chef’s services may widely vary from person to person, and some will provide meal planning and budget planning for homeowners and second homeowners that are too busy to do the cooking themselves, but still wish to have nutritious meals with good taste. Some also offer personalized cooking instruction to clients as a Culinary Arts Colleges or Culinary Arts Schools Instructors, or become Instructors who work out contracts with companies.

It is not recommended to become a Personal Chef right after graduation from a Culinary Arts College or Culinary Arts School, as it is better to gather a certain amount of experience in restaurants, hotels or catering before going into this business. An advantage of such job is that it is possible to work in it part time while working full time in such an institution. This gives the Personal Chef a good flexibility for his or her work environment, and an excellent creative control over the menu. While working part time as a Personal Chef will simply make the worker earn extra money, a full time personal chef typically earn between 35 to 50 thousand dollars per year, or 20 to 30 thousand Euro a year in Europe.

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