Women attending Culinary Arts Colleges and Schools

Factually, Culinary Arts Colleges and Schools accept equally both men and women. Yet, while women are encouraged as much as men is some areas such working as nutritionist and dietician, they often are not in others due to certain stereotypes: for example, men are often more encouraged to become chefs than women in the culinary arts job market.

This will often discourage women to choose Culinary Arts as a choice of career, where men enrol with a 4 to 3 ratio to Culinary Arts Colleges and Culinary Arts Schools. Also, in the United States, there are only about 100 women that are Executive Chefs versus more than 2000 that are men! It is to be noted though that those women usually do not have more obstacles to follow these careers than men. The trade is simply difficult when raising a family for a woman as well as the number of women enrolling in colleges to become chefs is just less than men. Also, the way to the top is harsh, both for men and women.

Fortunately, the number of women going into Culinary Arts is on the rise, and stereotypes in the domain are slowly but surely declining. This will also allow women to have the same chances and opportunities as men in following a Culinary Arts Career.

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